A Novel in 30 days!

I did it! I’m not sure how exactly, but I have finished my first novel manuscript! “Avian and the Dragon” is officially in the next stage of development, and I am very excited about the progress. My next goal is to add to it and have it edited within the next few months and to have it ready for publishing by April of next year. Exciting times!



This month I’m taking part in the National Novel Writing Month challenge! I’m committed to writing 50,000 words towards one of my story concepts. The two that I considered working on the most are, “Avian”, and “Contingency” story concept that I have been developing. Well, it’s the third day of the challenge and I can say that I’ve committed my writing energy to furthering Avian’s story. I’m very excited about breathing further life into this novel, and at the same time it’s terrifying. Making a commitment to this challenge is both an exciting and a daunting task. Anyway, here’s to a whole lot of writing! Wish me luck!