The Halvian Saga


My father was a great king whose life was wrought with tragedy and pain. Even through the darkest of times he would become a beacon of hope for those living in the time of shadow. The beginning of the first century was marked by their arrival and my father, Aglorad, was still in his mother’s womb. It was a new world for those who had sailed from across the sea, but the world that they had arrived to was anything but new. Ancient, inhabited and full of quorr was the realm of Halvar.

The journeying elves and humans had longed for a peaceful existence and were in search of a new beginning. As a gesture of peace and goodwill Ecrendel, the elven king, had granted the accompanying humans the ability to perform quorra which gave them prolonged life. It is because of their elven gift that the Halvian race came to be and the beginning of the second century saw the forming of their kingdom.

The kingdoms of Halvar prospered and the peace that was sought after truly seemed possible. Those native to Halvar had never used quorr because no one possessed the ability to wield it. They respected quorr and some even worshiped its power and connection with all living things. With the arrival of the elves in Halvar the native people became troubled and fearful, even though the elves meant them no harm.

There were those that had travelled with Ecrendel who deeply disagreed with the king’s gift to the accompanying humans. Chief among those in disagreement was Sendrol. He resented Ecrendel’s gesture and sought to destroy the halvian. It was during this time that a division formed amongst those living in the realm fueled by fear and greed.

Sendrol went out and formed seven rifts in the earth from which he drew out dark quorr in order to gain its power and destroy the elven king. He wanted to restore the full control of quorr to the elves, but in attempting so he became consumed by its power. Many were corrupted by Sendrol and his use of dark quorra. Sensing the fear within the native kingdoms Sendrol manipulated many of the people to rise up against the elves and halvian with promises of greater power for themselves.

A century would pass during which time Sendrol and his forces grew stronger. Corruption and crime plagued every city and rumors of a disease that would rot the infected quickly spread from the dark corners of the realm. Fear was running rampant and people became more restless with the ever-growing signs of war.

The following stories take place amid the third century. Ecrendel and the Halvian kings have joined together to defeat the powerful dark lord Sendrol. It is during this time that my father Aglorad, king of Theylofeal, dispatched the Brynjar to seek out and destroy the seven quorr rifts along with the rift wardens that guard them.

The Halvian Saga


I, Eylohil, son of Aglorad, King of Theylofeal, do swear to make an honest account of the events that took place from the oppression of Valathil and Theylofeal to the time of this writing. May my words stand up to the scrutiny of firsthand accounts, as well as to historians. More importantly, may these words stand the test of time; so that future generations will know what the halvian race did to fight against the greatest darkness of our age